Aikatan / ঐকতান

P I C N I C – 2019

On behalf of AIKATAN we thank each and every member of AIKATAN family for participating in the Picnic yesterday – 11th Aug’19 at a farm house at Satnur.

It was a wonderful Picnic – first of this kind being held being held in a open place (not a resort). This particular spot was first identified by one of our member Dr. Malay Mondal. A big applause and thanks to him.

The day started off by the members assembling at Vasavi Mahal – the starting point of where two Buses were waiting. With the breakfast – Luchi, torkari and Mishti – which were all served by the members to all the participants it was all set for the day out.  

The members boarded the bus for the onward journey to the spot which started off at 9 AM. The journey of two hours were really refreshing with greeneries all around and in a relaxed mode. The comfort and luxury which was provided in the superb Bus was arranged by one of the member – Mr. Samar Hazra. Kudos to him for taking all the initiative to book the Bus in quite economical rate. The journey of one and a half hours just passed on with the members enjoying themselves with the people all around.

Immediately on reaching the spot the members were all greeted with Hot Tea and Coffee which were kept ready – which made us to regain the energy which might have got exhausted during the journey. A group of members took the entire responsibility for cutting the vegetables and cooking of the lunch. Kudos to the team – Prasanta Da, Gautam Da (Sarkar), Gupta Ji, Mahapatra Da, Subrata Da, Malay, Samar and many more , leading the team of catering. The ladies were given a break from extending their help during the cooking. The menu was superb – comprising of Rice, Dal, Chips, Labra, Paneer, Chicken, Mutton, Chutney (prepared by Prasanta Da all by himself at his house), Sweets. The taste of each and every items are still at the tip of our tongue. Words are falling short to praise the patience and passion which were demonstrated by the team. On behalf of AIKATAN a big applause and thanks to all of them.

Trekking was another experience which the members got into this time at a place very close to the Picnic Spot. It was a wonderful experience for them who went for the trek – apparent from the photographs and videos posted in the Whats app & Facebook.

While the foods were getting prepared Sharmila Di organized nice sports engaging first the ladies with varieties of games which were followed by the events of Children and male members. Kudos to her with a big applause.

Lunch were served to all members and I hope that each and every members got a taste of real Bengali home made food. The members took the responsibility of distributing the lunch which went off very smoothly. Post Lunch session started with a relaxed note with the songs by our members which were really pleasing. This was followed with the most awaited Tambola.

Immediately after the Tambola – Tea / Coffee and Pakora were served during the evening.

On behalf of AIKATAN I sincerely thank Mrs Supriya Ghosh and Mr Ranjit Ghosh the owner of the Farm house – the interest, co-operation and the passion which they showed to all of us which cannot be expressed in few words. Our sincere regards to them.