Aikatan / ঐকতান

Standard Operating Procedure

Because of the prevailing condition we have decided to scale down Durga Puja celebration so that we can adhere to the guidelines issued by BBMP. We plan to abide by the following guidelines. Since the situation is ever evolving these guidelines are likely to change.

  • We are NOT celebrating Dura Pujo in our usual venue – Vasavi Mahal. It is being organized in a small venue
  • This year the Pujo is a member only event. We regret to inform that we may not be able to accommodate non-members at the Pujo venue.
  • The Pujo, both morning and evening, will be broadcast online.
  • All cultural events will be broadcast online. There will be no physical gathering.
  • We know that all our members are responsible citizen – so we expect them to follow strict social distancing protocol and the guidelines mentioned in the protocol.
  • Wearing of mask at the venue is mandatory – we will provide hand sanitizer and do temperature check.
  • It is expected that if a member or anybody in their family has any symptom will refrain from coming to the venue.
  • A register will be maintained at the venue for all visitors to enter their detail – this will serve twin purpose of self-declaration that no family member has any symptom and an unlikely future event of the need for contact tracing. We request all members who wish to visit the Pujo venue to have the  Aarogya Setu App installed on their mobile.
  • During the morning Pujo, Sandhi Pujo, evening Araati and Dashami Baran only the members who have volunteered to help in conducting the Pujo can be present at the Pujo venue – at those time it will be closed to others.
  • The scheduling of the volunteers will be done in such a way that not more than five persons are present at a time when the pujo is being conducted.
  • Pushpanjali will be online – that is the Purohit will recite the mantra and it will be telecast online – a guideline about what you need to do at your end will be make available.
  • Any member who wishes to offer Pujo can pass on the details of their family (name, gotra etc.) to the Pujo committee who will offer the Puja on behalf of the memebers.
  • Similarly, Sandhi Pujo Prodeep lighting will be done by the volunteers on behalf of members who are interested.
  • Any pronami for the Purohit can be transferred online and we will hand over the amount to our Purohit.

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