Lakshmi Puja – 2018

Amader shob utosober modhye oto proto vabe joriye achen Robindranath Thakur – “Lokkhi jokhon ashbe ghore tokhon kothay tare dibi re thhain………”.Amra diyechilam take thhain shosommnae goto 24 she October – ekti shundor bashosthane amader priyo Vasavi Mahal e……

It was another fantastic celebration of Lakshmi Pujo on Wednesday – 24th Oct’18 in a very very homely ambience and atmosphere. The event started off with the arrival of the Laxmi Thakur at 2 PM and it was no other than Subrata Da (Subrata Saha) who took the entire responsibility to bring the idol all by himself – all the way from Chandra Layout to Vasavi Mahal alongwith all the decoration Materials. Subrata Da – you always raise the tempo of the Puja and I sincerely thank you so much.

A beautiful creation of pandal decorated by one of our member Sanjay Kangsha Banik made the place of Lakshmi really beautiful. The Alpona designed by another member Moni Pal added more flavor to the entire decoration. I express my heartfelt thanks to Sanjay and Moni for their wonderful creativity and expect to see more such creativity in the days to come.

Bratin (Bratin Maity) and Debasish (Debasish Roy) our two other members took the initiative and organized the flowers for the Puja well before the start. Kudos Bratin & Sanjay.

The entire Puja committee – Nilima Di, Savita Di, Mita Di, Anasuya Di, Rima Di, Sharmila Di, Moumita Di, Soma Di,Jaya Di, Dipti Di, Chhanda Di, Shyamali was in their full swing making all arrangements required for the Puja. Ruma Di (Ruma Banerjee) arranged for the Lokkhi Pujo Bhog. This is not all – there were all the members who whole heartedly participated in the Pujo work and Prasad distribution. Thanks to the entire team for their tireless efforts.

The Cultural Committee organized the Prize distribution ceremony which covered the distribution of prizes for the all the competitions which were held during Durga Pujo. My sincere thanks to Cultural Secretaries – Bhaskar Da (Bhaskar Bose) and Sanjukta(Sanjukta Nandy)

The Group Photograph was organized by Subhas Da (Subhas Neogy) and all the AIKATAN members were in their full mood posing themselves at their best during the phot shoot. Thanks Subhas Da for the Photograph.

The refreshment was served once the Puja was over which was followed by dinner . The food committee led by Gautam Da (Gautam Sarkar) ensured that the food was served to all and every visitors received the snacks and dinner. We salute you Gautam Da for your focused approach always.

The participation from the members was at their peak despite the Puja day being a weekday. This only proves that our members are always enthusiastic be it any event any day and anytime. My dear members I thank you all for your co-operation and expect that we will keep this moving on with more and more participation from you.

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