Aikatan / ঐকতান

  1. The Annual General Body Meeting of the Aikatan Club was held on 6th May 2017.
  2. The Chairman, Dr.P.K.Saha addressed the gathering. ln his welcome speech, he expressed his deep concern about fund mobilization and steep rise in all the expenses.
  3. He communicated to all the members that there is urgent need to increase the yearly membership subscription in order to meet the club expenses.
  4. He proposed to increase the amount from Rs. 50OO/- to Rs.6000/-, to which all the members responded in the affirmative.
  5. On behalf of General Secretary, Mr.Bhaskar Chakraborty briefed the members about the
    various activities organized during the last financial year 2016-17.
  6. Outgoing treasurer, Mr.Dipak Dutta appr:ised the members of the audited financial details of the year 2016-17 and it was unanimously accepted.
  7. The Chairman, Dr.P.K.Saha proposed the names of the new committee members for the year 2017-18. The proposal was unanimously accepted by the members. Mr. Subhankar Mukherjee is nominated to look after the library and Mr.Prasanta Kumar Das is nominated to discharge his duiy as C.S.R (Community social responsibility).
  8. Hence the New Executive Committee for the year 2017-18 is deemed to have been formed.