Mahalaya Celebration – 2020

From 28th September to 4th October – Live on Facebook

28th Sep6:00 pm:

Deepali Mukherjee – in her soothing voice. Asisted by Pratul Mukhopadhyay on harmonium.


28th Sep7:30 pm:

Aradhya Das, the very sweet and talented. She is performing on “Durge Durgotinashini”.


29th Sep6:00 pm:

Kakoli Chatterjee … An exceptional talent Enjoy the magic of her guitar.


29th Sep9:00 pm:

Ananda Dasgupta presenting “Sunil-Shakti Jugalbandi”. Recitation in his own unique style


30th Sep6:00 pm:

Samik Kumar … A child prodigy as gifted keyboard player. He is playing the instrument since the age of 6yrs


30th Sep7:30 pm:

Abhijit Chatterjee … He has got the greatest baritone voice in Aikatan.


1st Oct6:00 pm:

Joy Mukherjee … Abritti. With a beautiful recitation.


1st Oct7:30 pm:

Kangkana and Anchal. Dance performance – Kanha so ja Zara.


2nd Oct6:00 pm:

Pratul Mukherjee – Song-Bhubono mohini.


3rd Oct6:00 pm:

Anurita Banerjee – Dance. A dedication to Maa Durga.


4th Oct5:00 pm: Ruma Banerjee and Bhaskar Chakraborty. Excerpters from Mahalaya – Mahishahur Mardini


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