Quiz – 2020

Starts on 11th October, 2020 – Finals on 25th October, 2020

Here are the rules:

  • The quiz is divided into two rounds – Preliminary & Final
  • Each team can have a maximum of 3 member
  • One member is to become the captain
  • Each team will choose a name – more innovative the better
  • Top 4 teams of the preliminary round will qualify for the finals
  • The final round will be an online event for a duration of one to two hours
  • The time and the modalities of the final round will be announced later

How the preliminary will work:

  • In the preliminaries, there will be seven rounds of questions starting on 11th October and ending on 18th October (17th being an off day)
  • In each round the participation will receive a set of 3 to 5 questions at 8:00 pm through the WhatsApp group, Aikatan Quiz – 2020
  • The questions are to be answered thorough an online form
  • If a team submits more than one set of answers then first submission will be taken
  • Correct answers are received within 15 minutes will get 10 points each
  • Correct answers received within one hour will receive 7 points each
  • Beyond that time, till the answers are announced next morning, the points will be reduced to 5 per correct answer
  • That means teams may have to decide on a tradeoff between taking more time to find the correct answers to all question vs answer few question ASAP
  • After a round is over the questions will be posted in the Aikatan WhatsApp group

Quiz Masters:

  • Aditya Banerjee
  • Udayan Banerjee

Registered Teams:

  • Citius, Altius, Fortius – Mainak Mandal (c), Malay Mandal, Bratin Maiti
  • Three Tier – Dipankar Dutta (c), Avik Niyogi, Krishnashish Bannerjee
  • Invincibles – Amrita Das (c), Pallab Das, Moumita Das
  • Panchali – Panchali Hazra (c), Ishani Hazra
  • Go Corona Go – Aruna Das Gupta (c), Joyjit Gupta , Debarati Das Gupta
  • The Three Amigos – Diksha Chakravarty (c), Abira Chakravarty, Prachi Chakravarty
  • SD It Is – Seema Banerjee (c), Diya Banerjee
  • Feluda & Topshe – Pratul Mukhopadhyay (c), Joy Mukhopadhyay
  • Pratidwandi – Bhaskar Bose (c), Somanka Banerjee, Supayan Dasgupta
  • Team Auto – Anushree Ghosh Dastidar (c), Maithili Sarkar, Lepakshi Sarkar
  • Pegasus – Saroj Kumar Behera (c), Neelam Das, Samik Kumar
  • Dynamic Duo – Rosy Garai (c), Sanjib Kumar Garai
  • Soul Sisters – Anushka Dey (c), Anushreya Mahapatra
  • Chakrabartis’ – Shyamali Chakrabarti (c), Arunima Chakrabarty, Bhaskar Chakrabarty
  • Amra Bangali – Monalisa Sil (c), Dipyaman Paul
  • Dragon Warriors – Anindita Majumdar (c), Aditya Majumdar, Arka Majumdar
  • ANS – We Think We Have All The Answers 😊 – Sharmila Saha (c), Aditi Saha, Nilanjan Mukherjee
  • Quizards – Subham Sarkar (c), Sabari Sarkar
  • Stars – Sushanta Patra (c), Prathama Patra, Madhumita Patra
  • Quzinos – Arijit Mandal (c)

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