Aikatan / ঐকতান

Durga Puja’17 (দুর্গা পুজো ) is over , it was a great success, starting from Decoration, Puja arrangements , Anandamela , Cultural Program , Food…. in every area there were remarkable improvement ; but for your active participations, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I sincerely thank each one of you and every member of your family for your kind cooperation and sustained support all through our journey. I know that lots of hard work had gone behind the success.

  • We maintained 100 plus membership consecutively 3rd year …. thanks to ” Our Membership Drive”.
  • This time Sponsors and Donations are highest till date…. thanks to our members , their family and our well wishers.
  • Needless to say , Decoration was its Best, Thumbs up to Mr.Alok and his team.
  • We had organized 2 new items this year , “শঙ্খ প্রতিযোগিতা ” and “Puppet Show” , both were huge success , I sincerely thank our Cultural Committee for the conceptualization.
  • I thank Prasanta da and his team for CSR initiative , it was a great move from Aikatan.
Chetonate Nazrul
Honeymoon Drama
Chandalik- dance drama
Live singing- medley