Aikatan / ঐকতান

Alor roshnai ar bajir shobder modhye anusthito holo amader AIKATAN er Kali Pujo goto 7th Nov’18.

Another fantastic celebration at Vasavi Mahal on  Wednesday – 7th Nov’18.

A well decorated pandal creation by none other than one of our member Alok Mondal making a spectacular ambience. The Alpona designed by Moni Pal added further colours to the decoration. I express my heartfelt thanks to Alok and Moni for their wonderful creativity.

Puja Committee was again at their best – with their perfectness in their work. The Team work really need to be appreciated. Looking at their co-ordination , sincerity and well disciplined management, I salute each and every member of the committee. Keep it up…..

Bhog of the Kali Pujo was prepared by Sandeep and Ruma Mukherjee and I thank both of them for their tireless efforts and nice bhog.

The food arrangement was superb and Kudos to Gautam Da (Gautam Sarkar) and his team for their marvelous work.

A big applause to the team who were engaged in bringing the Idol from Chandra Layout to Vasavi Mahal and carrying all the way to 1st Floor and thereafter taking it to the immersion on 8th Nov’18. A great job done team – Many many thanks to each and every team member.

The enthralling crowd which got assembled during the Puja Day on 7th Nov’18 again proved the enthusiasm of all members as to how closely they are associated with the events which we are celebrating. My dear Members – its all you and just because of the love and attachment you all have for the club we are able to organize all these events.. We always want you all in each and every  event which we celebrate.