Aikatan / ঐকতান

For the first time this year in 2022, we held our foremost Indoor Games Event at Century Indus Community Hall on the 19th of June 2022. The event was filled with laughter and enjoyment as all of us met after a long time. The last time we met was at our AGM meet. The games started so did the fun and enjoyment. A sumptuous dinner arrangement followed it.

The following are the winners and runners-up in all the indoor games in different categories.

  1. LUDO
    • 1st Prize – DiptiSinha and Shreoshe Ghosh
    • 2nd Prize – Uddita Banerjee and Moumita Das
    • 3rd Prize- Rudra C and Ruma Niyogi
  2. Carrom
    • 1st Prize – Dipak Dutta and Nilabja Ash / Joydeep
    • 2nd Prize – Bhaskar Bose and PK Dutta
    • 3rd Prize – MK Dutta and Subrata Sen
  3. Kids(Jenga)
    • 1st Prize – Jasmita Mondal and Uddita Seal
    • 2nd Prize – Shayam Maiti and Aaradhya Das
  4. Kids(Maze)
    • 1st Prize – Sampoorna Saha
    • 2nd Prize – Adrian Roy
    • 3rd Prize – Adish Mondal
    • 4th Prize – Mohona Maiti and Dina Sen

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