Aikatan / ঐকতান

We saw a beautiful Pandal at 1st Floor of the venue which was decorated by one of our members – Mr. Alok Mondal the previous day. Kudos to him for his tireless efforts and tenacity for supervising the entire decoration which started off on Saturday evening extending till midnight. The Alpona in front of the idol was superb prepared by one of our Club Members – MrsMoni Pal. Many thanks to Moni on behalf of AIKATAN.

The Puja Committee once again displayed their skills and well co-ordinated activities bringing a rhythm to the entire puja. Each and every arrangement were made with complete dedication and on behalf of AIKATAN I salute the team for their brilliant performance.

The Lunch and the Dinner both were excellent which goes without saying and Kudos to the Food Committee for making this so efficiently.

As we all know we Bengalis are very fond of ADDA and during the Holidays each one of us literally try our level best to see how to manage a adda with our like minded friends. An adda is incomplete without a cup of Tea……We saw the AIKATAN Adda organized by one of our members Gupta Ji and Nilima Di putting up a Tea Stall in the Auditorium. The Chairs in front of the Stall gave a real ambience of “Chayer dokaner Adda“. With “Chop” arranged by Food Committed alongwith the tea added further flavor to the evening Adda. My sincere thanks to Guptaji and Nilima di for their nice Tea which I am sure every member have relished yesterday.

On the Cultural fronts we saw three youngsters – 3S – Supayan, Sourav & Somanko – taking the lead in organizing the entire day programme. The morning was filled with Drawing competition and Alpona Competition for children and ladies respectively and the enthusiasm noticed within the Children could be seen from the participation levels. The evening cultutal programme was well balanced with performance by kids from Swabalambhi Trust, songs and dance by our tiny tots, Sruti Natok by our Club Members and a Musical tadka by our Club members. The audiences were thrilled to see the performances. Hats off to the participants for their performance which they made yesterday. The Committee also organized to distribute the prizes for the various events which we conducted during the Sports Day and during the morning yesterday. My sincere thanks tCultural Committee for organizing all these events so nicely.

Morning Cultural Program