How do I become a Member?

To become a member you need to

  1. Fill up the online membership form.
  2. Pay the joining fee (Rs. 100) and the annual membership subscription (Rs. 7,000).
  3. After you have made the payment, please send a mail to providing your payment details.

Please note that this year the subscription has been increased since we have planned to scale up our Durga Puja celebrations. We have planned to have our Puja this time in much larger scale at Shubash Bhavan Ground at RR Nagar. We have also introduced a new indoor games event also from this year.

As soon as you become a member, you will be included in Aikatan’s mailing list and our notification group on WhatsApp. These are used as the primary channels of communication with the members.

We also have a Facebook group (AIKATAN) which you can join. It is used for sharing photos and recordings of events. This year we will be using it to broadcast all cultural programs and other functions and events.

There is also another WhatsApp group which is used by the members to socialize with each other. Once you are a member, you will be incorporated into this one as well.

For any queries kindly mail us at or visit our FAQ page.

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