Aikatan / ঐকতান

Type of Membership and Annual Subscription

There are two types of membership for Aikatan:

Full Membership – can patriciate in all events of Aikatan – details are available below (annual subscription = Rs 8,000).

Durga Puja Membership – participation open only for Durga Puja (annual subscription = Rs 6,000). However, such members can participate in other events as a guest by paying the guest charges as applicable (which may be between Rs 400 to Rs 500 per person). Such members will also not be able to be a part of any Aikatan committee.

There is an upper limit to the total number of “Full Member”, but there is no limit to “Durga Puja Member”. As of now we are accepting both types of membership.

An admission fee of Rs 100 is also payable. We recommend that you first make the payment of the admission fee and send an email to providing your payment details.

Once you receive the confirmation you can pay the annual subscription.

How to Pay the Subscription

  • Account name: Aikatan
  • Account number: 093805001469
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0000938
  • Account type: Current
  • Bank name: ICICI Bank
  • Branch: Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore

Alternately, you can pay through a UPI transfer from PayTM, PhonePe etc. by entering … AIKATAN@icici

You can also use the QR Code given below.

After Payment

After you have paid payment the annual subscription you will be included in Aikatan’s mailing list and our notification group on WhatsApp. These are used as the primary channels of communication with the members.

There is also another WhatsApp group which is used by the members to socialize with each other. Once you are a member, you will be incorporated into this one as well.

We also have a Facebook group (AIKATAN) which you can join. It is used for sharing photos and recordings of events. This year we will be using it to broadcast all cultural programs and other functions and events.

Event Calendar for Aikatan – 2023-24

Here are the events (planned and completed)

  1. Noboborsho (16th April – 2023) – Food at cost
  2. Indoor Games Tournament (18th June – 2023) – Food at cost
  3. Annual Picnic (13th or 20th August – 2023) – member pay part of the total cost
  4. Durga Puja (19th to 24th October – 2023) – A token amount collected for bhog to avoid wastage
  5. Lakshmi Puja (28th October – 2023) – A token amount collected for bhog to avoid wastage
  6. Bijoya Sommeloni (29th October – 2023) – Food at cost
  7. Kali Puja (12th November – 2023) – A token amount collected for bhog to avoid wastage
  8. Annual Sports Day (December 2023/January 2024) – Food at cost

     9.Saraswati Puja (18th February – 2024) – A token amount collected for bhog to avoid wastage