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Udayan Banerjee

I have been associated with the IT industry for ... well more than 35 years. I am fascinated about our hyper-connected world and how this hyper-connectivity is going to impact our civilization. Hence, I blog about it - whatever I see as an impact of hyper-connectivity, what I think may happen or may not happen.

Quiz – 2020

Starts on 11th October, 2020 – Finals on 25th October, 2020 Here are the rules: The quiz is divided into two rounds – Preliminary & Final Each team can have a maximum of 3 member One member is to become the captain Each team will choose a name […]

Durga Puja – 2020 (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure Because of the prevailing condition we have decided to scale down Durga Puja celebration so that we can adhere to the guidelines issued by BBMP. We plan to abide by the following guidelines. Since the situation is ever evolving these guidelines are likely to change. […]

Mahalaya Celebration – 2020

From 28th September to 4th October – Live on Facebook 28th Sep – 6:00 pm: Deepali Mukherjee – in her soothing voice. Asisted by Pratul Mukhopadhyay on harmonium. (Watch) 28th Sep – 7:30 pm: Aradhya Das, the very sweet and talented. She is performing on “Durge Durgotinashini”. (Watch) […]